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Our Products

Phyto Hair Care

Unless you already use Phyto hair care treatment products, you’ve probably discovered your level of success with styling your hair varies every time, and sometimes considerably. Some days your hair will do what you want; other days, it just flatly refuses.

The reason why so many people - including most celebrities and industry leading professional hairstylists – love to use the Phyto line of hair care products is because of its natural botanical properties. Phyto dramatically restores your hair to its maximum health, and powerfully styles your hair day after day. These are the reasons we use the Phyto line of products in our salon. It gives us complete confidence we can style every client's hair, exactly how we want to, every time. Plus, we love the fact it is made from all natural botanical extracts and it is "green" – all the packaging is totally recyclable.

The Phyto Product Line

A comprehensive product line for the hair and scalp, PHYTO products are divided into color-coded categories to assist you in selecting a complete program ideally suited for your lifestyle and your hair’s unique demands.

Each PHYTO product is formulated with carefully selected plant extracts. These decoctions work in synergy to ensure maximum results and provide a precise response to the specific needs of each hair type.

The list of celebrities who love also Phyto is enormous. It is too long to publish on this page, so we'll just tell you some of the big stars and what they use.

  • Ashley Judd - Phytovolume Actif
  • Cameron Diaz – Phytolaque
  • Drew Barrymore – Phytolaque
  • Geena Davis – Entire Phyto line
  • Goldie Hawn – Phytovolume Actif
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – Phyto 7, Phytodefrisant
  • Heather Locklear – Phytodefrisant, Phytovolume Actif
  • Jennifer Aniston – Phytodefrisant
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt – Phytovolume Actif
  • Jessica Simpson – Phytolaque Soie
  • Julia Roberts – Phytokeratine, Phytolaque Soie, Phytolait
  • Kelly Preston – Phytodefrisant
  • Rene Russo – Phyto 7
  • Sandra Bullock – Phytodefrisant
  • And the list goes on and on! You know if all the celebrities are using the Phyto products, they must be sensational - because celebrities can’t afford to look anything less.


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